Single Channel Micro EDFA

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Single Channel Micro EDFA

F-tone's Single Channel Micro EDFA is a cost-effective micro processor-controlled module for amplifying single channels in the C-band. The amplifier is provided in a micro 45x70x12 mm package, and exhibits low power consumption allowing it to be easily integrated onto space and power constrained transponder line cards.


  • Very low power consumption (uncooled pump)
  • Micro 45x70x12 mm form factor
  • Up to 16 dBm output power
  • Fast power transient suppression for stable output power


  • Pre-amp or Booster for 40 Gb/s or 100 Gb/s line cards
  • 10 Gb/s applications
  • Submarine networks
  • Military and industrial applications requiring small size and low power consumption
  • Single channel networks


Parameter Specifications Remarks
  Min. Max. Units  
Wavelength Range 1528.77 1567.13 nm   
Input Power Range -10 +5 dBm  
Output Power Range  0 16 dBm  
Operational Gain 5 26 dB  
Noise Figure   6.5 dB At -10dBm input with 26dB signal gain
  11.0 dB At 5 dBm input with 5 dB signal gain
Transient Overshoot/Undershoot  -0.5 0.5 dB Rise/fall time >1msec, Input power change <6 dB, Signal output power (APC) = +16dBm
Power Consumption   2.5 W Over case temp range to EOL
Power Supply 2.97 3.63 V  
Operating Case Temperature  0 +70 °C  
Storage Temperature Range -40 +85 °C  
Dimensions 45x70x12 mm  
Laser Safety Class 1M