OSFP 400Gbps

OSFP 400Gbps

随着移动互联网、云计算、大数据等技术的飞速发展,整个通信行业也急需把网络从40G升级到100G再到400G。OSFP和QSFP-DD已经成为400G解决方案的两个实际上的标准。北亿纤通推出400G 产品解决方案,应用于400G以太网、数据中心及下一代云网络。

  • - 400G OSFP SR8
  • - 400G OSFP AOC
  • - 400G OSFP 2X FR4
  • - 400G OSFP LR8
  • - 400G QSFP-DD SR8
  • - 400G QSFP-DD SR4
  • - 400G QSFP-DD LR4
  • - 400G QSFP-DD AOC
  • - 400G QSFP-DD FR4
  • - 400G QSFP-DD DR4
  • -100G SFP-DD SR
  • - 100G SFP-DD LR

The OSFP is a new pluggable form factor with eight high speed electrical lanes that will initially support 400 Gbps (8x50G). It is slightly wider and deeper than the QSFP but it still supports 32 OSFP ports per 1U front panel, enabling 12.8 Tbps per 1U.

400G Optics require more power than 100G Optics and many of them will not fit into the existing QSFP form factor. Depending on the specific 400G optics technology the initial power projections range from 7.5 Watt to 15 Watt.

The OSFP has an integrated heat-sink that greatly improves thermal performance and enables modules with up to 15W power in a switch chassis with conventional airflow.

Since the OSFP is slightly wider and deeper than the QSFP, it is possible to build an adaptor that supports existing 100G QSFP optics modules in a OSFP cage. 

The OSFP is able to meet the projected thermal requirements for 800 Gbps optics when those systems and optics become available in the future.

The OSFP MSA will define the OSFP specification, including the mechanical module, the card cage, the electrical interface, pinout, and management interface.